Online identity verification

We understand that know your customer process is not limited to identity verification by checking id document and facial biometrics but also requires collecting additional information, performing PEP and sanctions screening client and finally assessing customers AML risk rating. We built AutoKYC to cover full KYC process and help you to comply with AML requirements.

Know Your Customer Platform

From onboarding to periodic updates

End to end remote customer identity verification and due diligence platform compliant with EU anti-money-laundering (AML) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws.

  • ID documents from over 180 countries supported
  • Mobile and browser support
  • Multi-language support
  • Manual verifications review
  • Know-your-business (KYB) forms
  • Ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) identities verification


ID document verification

Automatic data extraction from identity documents. Document security properties check, MRZ validation.

Facial Biometrics Verification

Compare the client’s face to the photo in the ID. Avoid spoofing by live video verifications and liveliness detection.

Compliance Questionnaires

Customizable KYC and KYB forms. Use it for automated customer due diligence. Conduct periodic updates.


Perform politically exposed persons, negative information and sanctions screening via third-party integrations.

AML risk rating

Automate your customer due diligence process to compute customers’ AML risk scores on the go.


Integrate to your project via API or mobile SDKs or use AutoKYC mobile and web app hassle-free.



Pay for only what you need

AutoKYC platform covers all KYC process stages from identity verification to periodic KYC updates. We are flexible, so you can only use and pay for what you need.

  • from 0.5 EUR per verification
  • from 1 EUR per manual review
  • from 1 EUR per questionnaire filled
  • optional PEP, sanctions screening

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